UHMWPE webbing

UHMWPE webbing

UHMWPE webbing
Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber is a kind of impact resistance, wear resistance, self lubrication performance is excellent, low temperature performance of one of the world's three high performance fibers, known as the world's most tensile fibers.




1. wear resistance, anti sliding friction ability. The wear resistance of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe is higher than that of ordinary steel tube 4-7 times, 27.3 times of stainless steel. Phenolic resin is 17.9 times, 6 times of nylon six, 4 times of polyethylene, the average annual wear rate of 0.58mm.
2. impact resistance, the impact toughness of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene in the existing engineering plastics is the highest, and its impact strength is 10 times more than that of PE100 under normal temperature. With the decrease of ambient temperature, the impact resistance performance is stronger.
3. corrosion resistance and can resist the vast most corrosive media and organic solvent erosion, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene can be used in a concentration of less than 80% of concentrated hydrochloric acid and nitric acid at concentrations less than 75% of the sulfuric acid concentration, less than 20% of the performance is quite stable.
4. self run, its own sliding performance than the oil lubricated steel or brass. In the areas where the environment is harsh, dust and silt are many, the performance of the super high molecular weight polyethylene pipe is better. To be able to move freely, to protect the relevant parts of the wear or tear. The friction coefficient is only 0.07~0.12, which is the common 1/5 of PE, new steel tube of 1/6, rubber 1/20.
5. Non-toxic, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene material is state certified environmental protection material, non-toxic, tasteless, antifouling moth resistance model of thermal plastic engineering plastics. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the United States Department of agriculture (USDA) allow it to use in contact with food and drug applications.
4. resistance to low temperature, anti-aging, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene pipe can be long-term in - 269 DEG to 80 DEG C temperature work, due to the molecular chain unsaturated molecules rarely, high molecular weight, high stability, aging speed is very slow and longer service life.
7. Surface Non adhesion, non fouling, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene pipe due to the small coefficient of friction and non polarity, with non adhesion surface.
8. Anti cracking of optimal, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene pipe by tensile test proved that, it has a rate of 100~300% extension under huge external pressure and internal pressure or bending force can maintain a certain deformation without rupture.








Color: White (Accept custom: Black / Yellow / Red / Blue)
Spec: Width:3mm-300mm, Thick:0.3mm-5mm (Accept custom)
Physical: Long time working in minus 278℃ to 115℃
Mechanical: 2.5% breaking strength, Intensity 3.6Gpa
Features: Super rally, ultra-low elongation, wear and cut resistant, anti-UV, anti-aging, acid and alkali resistant, and corrosion resistant, insulation and dielectric




Seat belts, Traction and lifting, Outdoor sports, Marine vessels and fishing, Industrial applications

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