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Anti-static / conductive series

Anti-static electricity

Static electricity is an object natural phenomenon.It produce a variety of ways,such as contact, friction and chemical reaction etc. Static electricity protection technology is widely used, for example, electronic industry, the oil industry, the textile industry, rubber industry and military fields. They are looking for the method to reduce the loss and damage that caused by static electricity. Anti static fiber is a new type of material for our company. We had applied this technology to textile product. They are mainly used for electromagnetic shielding and Anti static. Anti static / conductive fiber is made by a certain percentage of the conductive metal with ordinary fiber blended that usually with stainless steel fiber, sliver fiber and other metal fiber. Anti static fiber both has the flexibility of ordinary fiber, while maintaining excellent metal conductivity. The permanent of the surface resistance is maintained in the range of 103 to 106.


1. For Sampling in petroleum and petrochemical company, measurement, inspection, and other liquid petroleum products.
2. For mines, oil depots, ammunition depots,etc Environments; Our product can effectively prevent the above environment of static electricity in the air, avoiding accident occurrence of fires.
3. For workshop; Electronic products, as well as film production machines in the production process are particularly vulnerable to damage by static charges in the air, so we build & research static rope for clean room environments , can be absorbed effectively by staff, as well as the static electricity in the air.
4. Anti-static Door Curtain: Static ropes can be made anti-static door curtain, which has discharge the static effects. Fixed the rope at the door of access, and keep it hanging, strap by strap, just like above picture show. When the staff get in and out the door, and they will touch the rope, the human body’s static guide away by the rope.




Electric conduction

Our company mainly produces 316L stainless steel yarn. 316L stainless steel yarn is a new type of industrial material. It has performances such as high conductivity, high thermal conductivity, high strength, high temperature resistant, as well as the characteristics of the chemical fiber and synthetic fiber. At present,it is widely applied in industrial area like petroleum, chemical, chemical fiber, electronics, textile, military, aviation, polymer materials, environmental protection. However, through by combining can be obtained between 1 to -50 ohms per meter resistance value and the maximum temperature resistant can up to 1100 degree.


1.Smart clothes conductive and model conduction.
2.Hand warmers,Electric blanket heating wire.
3.High temperature resistance metal casing for industrial equipment.