UHMWPE webbing

UHMWPE thread

Kevlar thread
UHMWPE thread is made of the most strongest force chemical fiber, is 40% stronger than Kevlar thread, is 2 times stronger than Carbon fiber. The density is lighter than water; cut resistant; Thermal stability, ≥145℃ melting; the surface is smooth, low coefficient of friction, easy of fluff; breaking elongation: 3.5%; chemical resistant; radiation resistant, stability under UV light.




1.High strength, high modulus, the strength of the UHMWPE is 10 times stronger than the same cross-section of steel wire, the modulus of UHMWPE are similar with super Carbon fiber.
2.Low density, density is 0.97g/cm3, It float on the water and can be extended indefinitely in the water.
3.Low elongation, It has a strong ability to absorb energy, which has outstanding impact resistance and cut resistance.
4.UV resistant, anti-neutrons and γ-rays, high specific energy absorption, low dielectric constant, high transmittance of electromagnetic waves.
5.Chemical resistant, abrasion resistant.







(D for Denier)
Breaking Strength
200D/2 0.20 11195 20950
200D/3 0.25 16795 13800
400D/2 0.30 22390 10350
400D/3 0.35 33580 6900
1000D/2 0.40 52770 4160
1000D/3 0.52 79168 2800
1500D/3 0.60 118750 1800




Fishing lines, super tension suture thread, wear resistant sewing thread,etc.

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