UHMWPE webbing

Nylon webbing

Nylon webbing
Nylon webbing are colorful and feel good. They are good in elasticity and abrasion resistance under dry and wet conditions. They have the advantages of stable size and small shrinkage. They are characterized by tall and straight, easy to fold, easy to wash and quick drying.




Can be a special fixing color, Jacquard, thermal transfer, softening treatment, etc., can also be processed according to customer requirements of various nylon ribbon. High strength, not easy to break, hygroscopicity is poor, low elasticity, dyeing performance.




Color: Accept custom any color and pattern
Spec: Width:3mm-300mm, Thick:0.3mm-5mm (Accept custom)
Physical: Long time working in minus 75℃ to 185℃
Mechanical: 12% breaking strength
Purpose: Clothing, bags, handicrafts, seat belts etc




Widely used in fashion, casual wear, sportswear, jeans, leather garments, home textiles, sofas, footwear, gift wrap, hats, bags, accessories, pet products, lighting, curtains, bags, automotive supplies, DIY manual Jewelry and so on.

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