UHMWPE webbing

Hoisting belt

Hoisting belt
SOVETL’s hoisting belt are braided by Kevlar fiber.It has the advantages of high strength, low elongation, wear resistant and cut resistant, etc. At the same time it smooth, light weight, non conductive, portable and easy to use so that it is more and more used by researchers and gradually replace the wire rope rigging in many aspects.




1.Light weight, smooth, easy bending.
2.Strong maintenance, does not damage the appearance of hanging goods.
3.Lifting stability and safety.
4.Have high tensile strength.
5.It is an insulator.
6.Hoisting belt with long service life, good in corrosion resistant and wear resistant.







Bearing (T): 2
Width (mm): 20
Thickness (mm): 3
Layer: 2
Technics: Flat and Double folded eye




Hoisting belt are widely used in aviation, aerospace, nuclear power, military manufacturing, port loading and unloading, power plant, machinery processing, chemical steel, shipbuilding, transportation, etc

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