Fiberglass thread

Fiberglass thread

9 pictures The Fiberglass thread is made of high temperature resistant high strength type, ultrafine and flexible glass fiber, and processed by special process. Main performance: high temperature resistance, insulation, fire retardant, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, weather resistance, high strength, high modulus, anti-static, smooth appearance.




High temperature resistance: 280 ° C - 1000 ° C
Fireproof Class A
Smooth appearance
High strength, high modulus
Corrosion resistance, aging resistance, weather resistance
Insulation, etc.




(D for Denier)
Breaking Strength
200D/2 0.20 8180 20950
200D/3 0.23 12284 13800
400D/2 0.25 15950 10350
400D/3 0.28 23935 6900
1000D/2 0.30 39135 4160
1000D/3 0.32 58700 2800
1500D/3 0.36 83910 1800




Commonly used as high temperature resistant fabric sewing, electrical insulation materials, cable fillers, winding electric heating wire and heating elements, thermal insulation materials.

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