Kevlar webbing

Aramid 1414 thread

Kevlar thread
Aramid 1414 thread is twisting together with aramid filament fiber. It has continuous use temperature range of very high strength and very wide, long time working temperature in the range of -196°C to 360°C. The contraction rate of aramid thread under 200°C is 0 and it also does not decompose and melt at 560°C.




Aramid 1414 thread with the characteristics of high temperature, flame retardant, low weight, high strength, high modulus, dimensional stability, low shrinkage, cut resistant, abrasion resistant, heat insulation, good mechanical property, good dielectric property and so on.
1. 1.High strength 20.92cN/dtex;
2. Density of 1.667 are heavier than water and sink in water;
3. Good thermal stability, does not melt at high temperature;
4. Easy to form a burr knot because of it general bending property;
5. Good tensile property, elongation of break at 3.55%;
6. Resistant to common organic solvents and salt solutions.







(D for Denier)
Breaking Strength
200D/2 0.22 8180 20950
200D/3 0.25 12284 13800
400D/2 0.32 15950 10350
400D/3 0.35 23935 6900
1000D/2 0.45 39135 4160
1000D/3 0.50 58700 2800
1500D/3 0.60 83910 1800




Aramid thread usually used for kite line, high temperature resistant sewing thread, high strength and modulus product.

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