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Reflective strip is a very common safety equipment. It can reflect surrounding light at night so as to play a warning to passers-by and drivers. Our company is committed to development of reflective strip and textile fiber. Reflective rope and webbing were widely used in reflective vest, reflective uniform, labor clothing, bags, shoes, working rope, climbing rope, tent rope, decorative rope, etc.





The luminous fiber is made from special spinning self luminescent fiber. Luminous fiber absorbs visible light 10 minutes, It can be able to energy storage in the fiber and grow in dark state more than 10 hours. It is colorful and no need to be dyed as well as a ECO-friendly and efficient new high-tech fiber.


1.High luminous intensity, long duration, strong functional.
2.ECO-friendly material, does not contain radioactive elements, no harm to human body.
3.Colorful and no need to be dyed.
Luminescent properties of stability, good resistance to washing, reusable.


Clothing: trademarks, lace, texture, military clothing, garment accessories(bags, shoes, underwear, umbrellas, gloves, hats, outdoor supplies, cross stitch,etc)
Home textiles: curtains, slippers, carpets, bedding,etc.
Industrial textiles: safety signs, life rope, outdoor advertising, etc.
Other: embroidery, plush toys, pet suppliers, luminous ball,etc.