Reflective Rope

Luminous webbing

luminous webbing
The luminous webbing inherits the permanent light-emitting properties of the luminous fiber, and absorbs the light and does not require any energy drive. It is an excellent choice for outdoor safety protection.




As long as the luminous braided rope absorbs any visible light for 2-10 minutes, it can store light energy in the fiber, and it can continue to emit light for more than 10 hours in the dark, and can be recycled indefinitely.




Color: Any color is OK
Spec: 0.5mm-20mm (Accept custom)
Physical: Long time working in minus 75℃ to 185℃
Mechanical: 14% breaking strength
Purpose: Outdoor sports, Hand-woven bracelets, packing, decoration, tent rope, camping and climbing rope etc




The application fields are very broad, such as: party bar scene props, field supplies, miners working underground and safety webbing.

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