Anti-static rope

Anti-static yarn

Anti-static yarn is made from a certain percentage of stainless steel fibers or other conductive fibers blended with ordinary fibers. Anti-static yarn can make the accumulation of static electricity on the body quickly disappear.




Touch screen glove industry rise, when the finger touch on the metal layer, the contact capacitance will change, making the connected oscillator frequency change, by measuring the frequency change can determine the touch position to obtain information. Touch screen glove is the use of conductive yarn, the role of anti-static, the hands of static electricity to the perfect simulation of the real finger on the touch screen operation.




(S for Count)
Breaking Strength
21S/2 0.25 1735-2219 14900-15450
32S/2 0.20 2930-3573 8750-9250




Commonly used in touch screen gloves, anti-static clothing, conductive wrist band, anti-static shoes and hats.

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