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Aramid 1313 thread

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After processing of Aramid 1313 thread that has the characteristics of high temperature resistant, flame retardant, good spinnability and dimensional stability, good mechanical property. At the same time, it can withstand high temperature 200°C,and the instantaneous temperature can reach 280°C. The molecular structure of this material are particularly stable, non-toxic, good electrical and mechanical properties.




Feature of Aramid 1313:
Insulation: resistant of 18~40KV/mm short time voltage field.
Mechanical toughness: good flexibility, high strength, good in tear and abrasion.
Thermal stability: It has a UL approved that material having a temperature rating to 220 °C. Even if continuous placed in 220 °C can maintain the effective performance for more than 10 years.
Compatibility: basically, not subject to most of the effects of solvent, It is acid and alkali resistant, also compatible with all the varnish, Adhesives, transformer fluids, lubricants and cryogenic agent.
Wet is not sensitive: the dielectric strength is in completely dry 90% when in the relative humidity 95%.
Radiation resistance: lonizing intensities up to 800 RADs are not affected.
Non-toxic: will not have any known respond toxicity to humans or animals.







(S for Count)
Breaking Strength
20S/2 0.32 1450-1800 16900-17450
20S/3 0.35 2200-2700 10750-11250
30S/2 0.25 1000-1200 26500-27770
30S/3 0.30 1450-1800 15750-16750
40S/2 0.20 720-900 31800-33025
40S/3 0.22 1080-1350 21250-22500




Thermal and electrical properties are more prominent, it has became one of the most widely used high temperature fiber and is a excellent insulation material for H level. Aramid 1313 are usually used in the military industry and electrical industry, sewing spacesuit or fire service.

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