Reflective Rope

Luminous braided rope

luminous braided rope
The luminous braided rope is made up of a combination of luminous rope and strong tensile cord. The rope is woven by 8/16/24/32/48 strands. The rope is often filled with high-strength polyester or nylon filament. The rope has both the luminous effect of the outer skin and the super-stretching function, which is most suitable for outdoor ropes.




As long as the luminous braided rope absorbs any visible light for 2-10 minutes, it can store light energy in the fiber, and it can continue to emit light for more than 10 hours in the dark, and can be recycled indefinitely.




Color: Any color is OK
Spec: 0.5mm-20mm (Accept custom)
Physical: Long time working in minus 75℃ to 185℃
Mechanical: 14% breaking strength
Purpose: Outdoor sports, Hand-woven bracelets, packing, decoration, tent rope, camping and climbing rope etc




The application fields are very broad, such as: party bar scene props, field supplies, miners working underground and safety ropes.

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