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Fire retardant series

Permanent flame retardant

First explain the concept of the flame retardant. Flame retardant means that can prevent itself from being ignited or slowed down and stop burning after exposure to flame. Permanent flame retardant sewing thread, braided rope and webbing are mainly composed of 1313 aramid fiber and 1414 aramid fiber material. High temperature resistant can reach 560 degree. Our products are widely used for the operation of spark or molten metal near the fire, or in the environment of flammable, explosive material and fire danger.





Non permanent flame retardant

Non permanent flame retardant sewing thread, braided rope and webbing that are made of polyester and cotton after firing prevention post-processing. This product resistant to high temperature up to 320 degree which has reasonable price. They usually used in fire resistant textiles, curtain, canvas, leather products, clothing, bag, tents, chair cover and other fields.