Kevlar webbing

Aramid fiber

Kevlar fiber
Aramid is a brand name of aramid fiber material product which is DuPont company developed. It is the registered trademark for a para-aramid synthetic fiber.




Mechanical properties:
Strength: 3.6 GPa; Elongation modulus: 131 GPa; Elongation at break: 2.8%

Thermal properties:
Long time working temperature: 180℃;
Axial thermal expansion coefficient: -2 × 10 ^ (-6) / K;
Thermal conductivity: 0.048 W(m·K);

Feature of Aramid:
Permanent heat resistant and flame resistant; Limiting oxygen index(Loi) is more than 28; Permanent anti static; Permanent chemical resistant; High strength, high cut resistant, high tear resistant; Aramid fiber is no molten drop on fire and does not produce toxic gas; When the fabric on fire, it will thickening, not broken and enhance sealing property.







Breaking Strngth
Elongationat Break
Number Per Yarn
220 50.18 225.30 3.06 7015 134 44997
440 97.79 223.99 3.25 6567 267 22500
1110 239.80 203.20 3.57 5240 666 9000
1670 342.70 200.70 3.51 5020 1000 6000




Safety protection:
1. bulletproof vest, bulletproof helmets, bulletproof armored vehicles.
2. fire suits, uniforms, rider clothing, heat resistant coverall, racing suits.
3. puncture resistant gloves, high temperature resistant gloves, cut resistant gloves.


Industrial manufacturing:
1. tires, brake lines, gaskets.
2. high pressure pipe, plastic reinforced material.
3. bridge seismic strengthening, reinforced concrete.


Outdoor sports:
1. tennis rackets, badminton rackets, baseball bats, hockey sticks.
2. golf equipment, sledding, fishing rod & fishing lines, bow and arrow, kite lines.
3. sports gloves, high performance sports shoes, high performance sportswear, high performance racing boots, racing seat.
4. RC helicopter, canoes, surfboards, UAV, high speed train, spacecraft.


Communication cable:
1. low climbing rope, mooring rope, protective nets, electrician safety belt.
2. fiber optic enhancement, Cable reinforcement, military ripcord, flat type elevator cable.
3. earphone wire, ultra-thin mobile phone, ultra-thin computer.

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