Meta-aramid yarn

Aramid braided rope

Meta-aramid yarn
Aramid braided rope with super strength, Weight ratio tensile strength is 6 times than steel, 3 times than the glass fiber, 2 times than high-strength nylonthe industrial wire, the tensile modulus is 3 times than steel wire, 2 Times than the glass fiber , 10 times than high-strength nylonthe industrial silk. Aramid continuous use of a very wide temperature range, -196 ℃ to 204 ℃ in the range of long-term normal operation. The shrinkage is 0 at 150 ℃, not decomposing not meltng at 560 ℃ high temperature, the products of aramid rope have round rope, square rope, flat rope and so on.




Aramid rope has the following characteristics: high temperature, fire retardant, light weight, high strength, high modulus, dimensional stability, low shrinkage, puncture resistance, cutting resistance, wear resistance, heat resistance, chemical corrosion, Mechanical properties, and good dielectric properties.








Color: Diameter: Breaking force: Technology:
Pale-yellow (Accept custom black) 0.5mm - 20mm (Accept custom) 100kgf - 20000kgf (Accept custom) 8 / 12 / 16 / 24 / 32 / 36 / 48 strands of knitting




Aramid rope is widely used in: Aramid engineering rope, roller rope, hanging rope, Aramid safety rope, high-altitude rope, traction rope, aramid leisure rope, hang gliding rope, Resistant rope, fire-resistant flame-retardant rope, high temperature rope, chemical-resistant aramid rope, and so on. All of this rope has special requirements in many fields.

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