Meta-aramid yarn

Aramid webbing

Meta-aramid yarn
Aramid Webbing is a new composite high-performance webbing, which has a very high strength, is 5-6 times than high-quality steel. Aramid webbing is 2 -3 times than steel or glass fiber of the modulus. It is 2 times than steel of the toughness. However, the weight of aramid webbing is only 1/5 of stelel. Aramid continuous use of a very wide temperature range, -196 ℃ to 204 ℃ in the range of long-term normal operation. The shrinkage is 0 at 150 ℃,, not decomposing not meltng at 560 ℃ high temperature, and has good insulation and corrosion resistance, the life cycle is very long.




Light weight, high strength, high modulus, dimensional stability, low shrinkage, puncture resistance, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, chemical resistance, flame resistance, mechanical properties, good dielectric properties.








Colors 编织工艺 包装
Custom (5-300) Custom (0.6-4.2) Yellow / Black / Red / Blue Aramid filament 常用规格一卷100米,接受定制




Because of the special properties of aramid webbing, it is widely used in many fields such as industrial conveyor belts, safety belts, industrial lifting belts, glass steel furnace roller belts and other special requirements on webbing.

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