Meta-aramid yarn

Aramid thread

Aramid thread
The aramid line is made by twisting the aramid filament yarn into a very high strength, extremely wide temperature range for continuous use. It is capable of long-term normal operation in the range of minus 196 to 360 degrees Celsius, Under 200 degrees Celsius the shrinkage rate of 0, not decomposing do not melting at a high temperature of 560 degrees Celsius.




Aramid line is high temperature resistant, fire retardant, light weight, high strength, high modulus, dimensional stability, low shrinkage, puncture resistance, wear resistance, heat resistance, chemical resistance, mechanical properties,good dielectric and so on.
1. High strength 20.92 cN / dtex
2. Line density is 1.667 than water re-sink in the water
3. Anti-cutting, good thermal stability, not melting at high temperatures
4. Bending performance in general, knotting easy to be glitches
5. Tensile performance, elongation at break is 3.55%
6. Resistant to common organic solvents and salt solution, poor resistant to strong acid, strong alkaline







(D for Denier)
Breaking Strength
200D/2 0.20 8180 20950
200D/3 0.25 12284 13800
400D/2 0.30 15950 10350
400D/3 0.35 23935 6900
1000D/2 0.40 39135 4160
1000D/3 0.52 58700 2800
1500D/3 0.60 83910 1800




Aramid line commonly used kite-line, high-temperature sewing thread, high-strength high-modulus tensile and wear-resistant,etc.

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