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Aramid rope

Kevlar rope
Aramid braided rope are made of aramid filament fiber. Aramid fiber has excellent strength. Its tensile strength to weight ratio. By this measure is 6 times more than steel wire, is 3 times as stronger as fiberglass, is 2 times stronger than high-strength nylon fiber. And the tensile modulus is 3 times stronger than steel wire, is 2 times as stronger as the fiberglass, is 10 times more than high-strength nylon fiber. Aramid has a extremely wide range of continuous use temperature, it can long term operation in the range of -196°C to 340 °C. The shrinkage is 0 in the 150°C and it does not decomposed and melting at the temperature of 560°C.




Feature of aramid rope:
Aramid rope has many excellent properties: fireproof, flame retardant, high temperature resistant, abrasion resistant, cut resistant, high strength, low elongation, insulation and dielectric properties.
Physical: Instantaneous temperature of 585°C, long time working temperature is 260°C-330°C
Mechanical: 3% breaking strength, Intensity 2.8Gpa







Color: Pale-yellow (Accept custom black)
Diameter: 0.5mm - 20mm (Accept custom)
Breaking force: 100kgf - 20000kgf (Accept custom)
Technology: 8 / 12 / 16 / 24 / 32 / 36 / 48 strands of knitting




Aramid rope are widely used in many special requirement areas such as engineering cable, slings, safety ropes, aerial work rope, lead rope, paragliding rope, water-skiing tow rope, marine rescue rope, transport lifting rope, cut resistant rope, abrasion resistant rope, flame retardant rope, high temperature resistant rope, chemical resistant rope and other special requirement rope.

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