Sovetl Kevlar Fiber
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Architectural Glass Tempering

SOVETL roller ropes & tapes are optimum material to protect the surface of hot glass during the processing of tempered glass and heat strengthened glass and specially designed to withstand the short-term elevated temperatures existing in the quenching, cooling and conveying sections of the glass handling operation.



Automotive Glass Manufacturing

SOVETL aramid products were widely used in the manufacturing processing of automotive glass, like windshields, rear windscreens, side windscreens, etc.
In the process of automotive flat glass bending, tempering and laminating, SOVETL aramid tubing or ropes covers the bending rollers or conveying roller to protect the hot surface of glass sheet.



Other Applications

SOVETL ropes featuring aramid fibers are extremely cut resistant. These are the same materials used in cut resistant gloves and body armor.