Fiberglass thread

PP webbing

9 pictures The PP webbing is made by interweaving warp and weft. The leading equipment makes the texture of the braided belt can be varied, there are single, double, dozens of different, single-layer and double-layer. The color can also be various, the PP colored webbing is first dyed and then woven, the color is uniform, and there is no color difference as a whole.


Washing resistance, friction resistance, sun resistance, acid and alkali resistance, good flexibility, strong tensile force, and the color can be customized.




Color: Accept custom any color and pattern
Spec: Width:3mm-300mm, Thick:0.3mm-5mm (Accept custom)
Physical: Long time working in minus 75℃ to 135℃
Mechanical: 8% breaking strength
Purpose: Clothing, bags, handicrafts, seat belts etc




Outdoor supplies industry
Mountaineering camping protective safety belts, mountaineering backpack belts, tents, personal protective equipment.


Sports fitness industry
Sports bag, fitness equipment, children's traction rope.


Pet supplies industry
Pet leashes, pet collars, pet slings.


Military security industry
Military and police fire protection, parachute safety belts.


Gift boxes, hand straps, bags, handbags, luggage straps.

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Fiberglass thread
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PP webbing

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